Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday morning, rain is falling.

So today was kind of a rainy sunday, it was pretty nice. I didn't get up this morning until 10:45!!! It was nice though because I start classes tomorrow so I wont be able to sleep in for a while. Anyway, so I decided to go in to the city of Carlisle with a couple of friends from my floor. We found the cutest cafe place! They had panini sandwhiches that were so good! I had just a cheese panini and it was sooo delicious! A really nice cafe too, wireless service, cute little window seats.. it was really cute. They have the most beautiful churches in Carlisle, and just shops in general. Here are a couple of pictures of the town..

These are some of my friends... Morgan, Katlin, Tiffany and Emma! They were so nice to come in to town with me!

So I am sort of nervous about my classes tomorrow, I start off at 8:30 with Spanish, then I have a poetry class right after, then a class for education. Three in a row might be tough, but I am excited to just see what all of them are all about! I have lunch and then I have my last class after lunch of Greek and Roman Mythology. Anyway, I am done by 1 o clock!!! I am probably going to have loads of homework, I dont know so I am planning to go to the library with some friends to work. I have met a lot of really sweet girls but I have gotten really close with 2, Mary Grace and Nina who are both from my orientation group. We have been hanging out a lot and it has been really nice to get to know new people. I can't wait to meet even more friends!!

This is Mary(left) and Nina(right)

Well Goodnight my friends!!! wish me luck with my first day of classes and I shall talk to you soon! Thanks for reading! *Vanessa*

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