Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend Update!

Good Morning! I love Sundays so much, they are like the perfect sort of relax days, do your homework, write in the journal, just sort of relfect on the previous week and make goals for the week to come. I woke up this morning and had a phone date with my mom! Hahah, we hadn't really talked for awhile so we made a time that we were both going to be there, it was nice. You sort of feel like you are with a person when you talk to them for a very long time. I miss my mom and dad a lot, but I really feel like I've grown so much already being away from them. It has been raining for like 36 hours straight, the Hurricane Ernesto that hit Florida has moved up the east coast and even though we are not on the ocean, we were hit with a terrible rainstorm. Everyone has been waking around with hoods and umbrellas and rain boots and rain jackets, stupidly enough, i didn't think to bring any rain gear.. I'm going to get some today I think. It finally stopped raining today though for a bit!

Here is Mary Grace and Nina all bundled up for our walk into town on friday.

So I guess I should give you somewhat of a weekend update,
Friday after classes we decided to go in to town to eat at this wonderful Thai resturant. For a relatively small town, they have a ton of really good ethnic food. The food was delicious and healthy, we found it a good match. Then we ( as you saw) went to the clothing store across the street and had sort of a photo shoot at the "Clothes Vine" we were having fun with that one. The weather was so rainy that when we got back we decided to watch a movie. We saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What an interesting movie, one that makes your head hurt because you are following it so closely that you feel like you are in it. I really liked it, I was so involved. It was fun. Then we went to the Gym. We have been following our pact, at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.. and it can be anything we want, we could walk/bike/swim/whatever.. but we've been going to the gym for like an hour every day. We are basically over achievers. Haha.. Friday night we went out to a party and danced and just had a good time. We went back to Nina's dorm for awhile and hung out in the common room with some kids we met there, overall it was pretty fun.


The day itself was relatively boring. I hung out around the dorm and started homework, went to the Gym, assembled my bedside table with screws and all. (I was prettty proud of that one) Chatted with some of my floor mates, listened to music, sort of just relaxed. Nina's dad was in town this weekend so he took us all out for dinner which was so sweet. I was telling you guys about all the ethnic food here, right? well, we went to a Mexican resturant that was so cute and festive!

(me.Mary Grace.Nina.Nina's dad!)

Ninas dad was very intellegent, he taught art classes to college students, was an art history major and was the curator of the local gallery. How Cool! He is fron Denmark so he speaks with a bit of an accent, but he was very interesting. It was so nice to him to take us out, and he drove us there! So we didn't have to walk through the rain! He dropped us off and for the night we pretty much just hung out with like 6 girls in the dorm,

(nina.corina.alley.mary grace)
we had girl talk and told goofy stories, we played with this strange substance called Floam. It was pretty fun. Time really flew by, all the talking and dancing and laughing.. so I went home late, it was a good Saturday though!

Who knows what is instore for today!?! I know that I am going to try out for one of the A capella choirs today, i have been practicing my song a lot so it should be fun to actually have an audience! Anyway, I've also got a lot of homework today. So it probably wont be too interesting. Thanks for reading! Hope you all had wonderful weekends.. even though most of you has monday as a holiday too.... I don't..... lucky folks. Hope to hear from you all soon!


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