Friday, November 03, 2006

Robert Randolph

Robert Randolph and the Family Band is a very good band, they are a jam band with sort of a jazzy sound. Dickinson hired the band come out to Dickinson and I had the opportunity to go!!! i had seen them once before in concert, and they were way good then.. and they were sooo good this time! We got front row seating, well actually we were standing.. but right up next to the stage!!!! About half way through the show, Robert Randolph was singing and he started pointing to some audience members.. he pointed to a me and a couple of my friends and we all went up on stage!!! We danced around for awhile, it was crazy being up on stage with such a cool group! Way fun..... we weren't aloud to bring cameras in to the show, but here was us before the show!

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