Monday, January 22, 2007

My trip to Mexico!

This is Akumal Mexico, a small pueblo about an hour south from Cancun. My Dad and I spent a week here, basking in the sun, climbing mayan ruins and practicing spanish. I have taken spanish most of my life, so visiting spanish speaking countries is quite helpful for me and my dad is trying to learn so we spent a little time each day devoted to learning the language. We had a wonderful stay, lots of relaxing and reading and also a lot of learning! I read two books over break, i read "The Pact" by one of my new favorite authors Jodi Picoult! Also, i read Hotel Alleluia, a wonderful story about the corruption in Africa.

We saw many beautiful tourist spots as well! Including Coba mayan ruins build many moons ago, various sinotes or little natural warm springs, and a lot of beautiful fish and animals. Here are some of my pictures!!

We had a lovely stay. one FUNNY STORY from the trip::

So my dad was learning slowly but surely, he learned many phrases and what not. So one common expression is "La cuenta por favor" Which is asking for the check, please. In mexican culture, it is rude to bring the bill to you unless you ask. So, he knew this one farely well. One evening, we were out to dinner and as our waiter walked by us, my dad called out for the check, only, he said "Te quiero Tanto!" another one of the epxressions he had learned that actually means "I love you very much!!" Luckily, our waiter didn't hear but we laughed and joked about it for the rest of the night.

We had a very wonderful stay, nice quality time together and a very relaxing week! Plus, I got a little tan, although it is, of course, gone by now! Oh well.. i love my dad!


Drew said...

Looks like it was tons o` fun!

BonnieRose said...

V, looks like u and your dad had great fun.. good for you... u travelling girl you!

BonnieRose said...
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