Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day!

Well, yesterday I arrived into Minnesota around 9 in the evening, so we couldn't do too much to celebrate, but we did celebrate a little!! We went out for a little ice cream treat!

Let me tell you, I have the greatest Mom in the whole world. You don't believe me... well let me tell you some stories..

1. When I was younger, (i mean much younger) my momma would read to me every night until i fell asleep, a lot of times... she would fall asleep with me. Well one night, i had a little "accident" in bed and I was so uncomfortable. I looked to my mom and said "Hey mom, can we switch sides, I'm on the pee side!" And she moved right on over.. NOW THAT IS TRUE LOVE!!!

2. Another story.. About 7 years ago, I was attending a Middle School fairly far away from our home, and I was on a traveling soccer team that took up just about all of my time. So even though my mother is a very serious buisness woman, she found the time to drive me to school every morning at 8, pick me up at 4 to take me to soccer practice and then pick me up and take me home to help me with my homework. (she really does it all) But one day, my mom was in a terrible accident. She was hit going through a red light. She went unconcious. When the medics came to get her out of her car, she woke, and the first thing she said was.."I need to get my daughter to soccer practice!!" TALK ABOUT DEVOTION. (luckily she ended up being okay with only some mild injuries)

3. Before I could drive, but I would still have friends over, we would get really bored. Sitting in a house for too long isn't really very fun for pre-teens. So one night, really late, a friend and I were bored. We went to my mom and said "we're bored, what should we do" And Mom got a look of excitement on her face!! "I have an idea!!" she said. "Let's go to McDonalds in our Pajamas!!!!" Haha, thinking it was like the most rebellious thing to do, we did it.. haha.. she is so creative.

I love you, Mom! Even though we don't see one another every day anymore, I love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for 18 years of care and attention and really hard work. I really hope to be as good of a mother as you some day!

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BonnieRose said...

she's so beautiful.. just like you Vanessa.