Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The New and Improved.

As you can see, my blog is changing around a lot lately. Well really, I am trying to find the right style for it. It is sort of expressive of me right now. I am in a trial and error spot in my life, I have to try new things and styles until I find something that is just right for me!

"Life is a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow"

Well, with the new blog and the new me, I am really hoping to get some more readers to this blog. So, if you read, will you please comment so that I know you are out there!? I would really appreciate it!

Daily Special!
Tune of the day : Dream a little dream - Ella Fitzgerald
Question of the day; What is your favorite recipe??

* I will tell you mine :) my favorite is making homeade pizza, i buy the crust (its too complicated for me otherwise) and then all the ingredients to make the sauce. I add chopped green peppers and onions and add basil leaves. Then for the toppings, I put on lots and lots of mozarella cheese with peppers and sausage. Nummy... thats a-making me hungry!

Elsie blogged today about how she loves Marilyn Monroe and old vintage things, she asked us what old things we like... to be honest, I love everything old. I love tradition and I love the way older things look. Although, my favorite "old" thing would have to be records, like 45's and 33's. I collected them for awhile, they are just so classic and have such a beautiful sound. I did a physics project on how a record player works, so if you ever want to know, just ask. Hehe..

Well, tata for now... talk to you soon i am sure!

Thanks for reading!



BonnieRose said...

Love the new look.. ok give give, how did you do your banner? it's so awesome!

Anonymous said...

i read your blog nessa, i just never comment!! Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

nummy!!! i love that word haha. i'm leaving for france in a bit but wanted to catch up on all of your blogs! i love you!