Friday, June 08, 2007

Big Questions.

I've been very contemplative lately. I've been asking all of those big questions like what are we doing here and what is the meaning in all the actions humans do on a daily basis. Essentially I am stuck on the "meaning of life" question. It's a hard question to be stuck on because there is no answer, and you can read all of the books in the world and still not come to a conclusion about the question.

A temporary conclusion that I have come to, is that life is A PATH that never ends. Each person goes through their own path and follows it in any direction that feels right at the time. There may be times when someone needs to chose to go right or to turn left and we have to make those decisions and move on with our life. There is no right answer, we were not necessarily destined to turn right. We just need to follow our instincts and life will go along with us.

I have been in a weird spot so far this summer, not quite finding that nook where I feel perfectly comfortable. I guess it is the times when we don't feel comfortable that we learn the most. I definately have learned about myself this summer. I ended up quitting my job at Baccio. (you may be laughing right now because i only had the job for about a week and half, but it was necessary) But that decision was a very hard one to make, and unfortunately I had to take the turn on my "path" in a different direction. I needed to have more structure and organization in my life and I needed more time to develop certain things that I am interested in.

So now, what the summer came down to is this, "Vanessa, what do you want to get out of this summer"

1. I want to have fun.
2. I want to be in better physical shape.
3. I want to practice and learn more spanish.
4. I want to search for meaning through religion or literature
5. I want to be creative.

So, when it comes down to just these 5 things.. I am going to start filling my schedule with all kinds of things that will all be good for my soul and my heart. I am taking a new turn in my path, let's hope it leads me through many wonderful adventures.

Have a nice day, what turn are you going to take today?


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BonnieRose said...

great post Vee, loved it... hope to see u soon!Enjoy your weekend! Our life experiences shape us.... they really do.. we learn fr ea thing, fr ea mistake, fr ea hurt, fr ea experience. Take it in, and be careful to not follow paths that are uncomfortable for you. Trust your gut feeling. That's the Holy Spirit, in that still small voice.