Monday, June 11, 2007

Unitarian Universalist

Happy Monday!

Now that I am not working as a waitress, I really have a lot of time to myself. Which is fabulous really! Today I met my friend for breakfast at the best breakfast place in town! Then purchased all of the last things to finish my creation of cards for my momma's work. This evening i am going to be having dinner with my father! It really is an excellent Monday. i am so fortunate to not have anything too difficult to deal with this lovely Monday.

On a different note, I attended my first sermon at the new congregation I am interested in this weeked. The congregation is called the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Minnetonka.

Do you know what a Unitarian Universalist is??

Basically, it is a religion that accepts people of all genders, colors, races, beliefs. It is a very open minded place where anybody can come, regardless of religious beliefs. The unifying thing of the religion is that everyone there is going down there each individual path. Everyone who attends the congregation is supporting everyone else in their spiritual journey. Really, the kind of people who belong to this religion are usually very spiritual in the way that they have very strong faith in something. Yet, they are also not religious in the sense that they do not follow any one religion very strictly. They often see the commonalities between all religions and believe ultimately, in love.

So, yes, I have become very interested in furthering my spirtual side in this manner. Everyone i spoke to was so friendly and welcoming and I am hoping to go back again next Sunday. I really hope that this will be turn a new page in my book of life.

I am not one to impose my beliefs on anyone else, to each their own is my opinion on this matter. For me, this just happens to be the token.

hope you have a wonderful day!


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BonnieRose said...

glad u had a great day so far V, and glad u enjoyed your Sunday!