Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My New Room!

Sorry it has taken so long to update anything, you can imagine how busy things get here... here are some pictures of my room thus far!!

I am feeling very at home here...

How are you??

I hope things are going well with you, let me know!

Love to you!!



Toosh McGee said...

i like chineese homework tooooo

light is in the FACE

BonnieRose said...

love ur new room.. looks fab!

Dad said...

Thanks for putting the pictures out there Vanessa. It is nice to see where my little girl is living right now!!!

I love you and I miss you terribly....

I will schedule a trip out to see you soon. Or, you could come out to Phoenix??? Maybe you want to wait until it gets a little cooler though???


Sherry said...

Your room looks wonderful! You guys really did a great job of creating your home away from home.

Hope school is going well and you are taking time for yourself.