Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Images from my home-made STUDIO!

Upon moving into this new home, I discovered that I could turn the storage room into a little studio. Being a college student, I have no money... but I do have an imagination! So I took empty boxes and a piece of wood to make a desk. I have been finding little goodies here and there to spice up the studio. WHAT DO YOU THINK??

I found these beautiful old photographs in storage that I decided to hang up. This is one of my grandmother back in the day.

Using some creative ideas to store my gadgets:)

Well now that I have a studio, I am off to scrap in it!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Peace In your Direction,

Nessa Girl

1 comment:

BonnieRose said...

beautiful studio.. wow... I can't believe ur still alive.. LOL and yes, we've moved to Fargo! So much closer to my girls... I am loving it here so far!