Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10-Day Challenge!

I'm sick of counting down days.
This time I am going to do something different.
I am going to make each day COUNT until I get to TEN. So my ten day challenge consists of me doing one thing for at least 1 hour a day that improves my overall being and is something that I enjoy. Today is day NUMBER 2!

Day 1 - Sitting in a beautiful place (Norenberg Gardens) and reading a good book.

Day 2 - Going for a run around Lake Calhoun, an upbeat and happy place.

Day 3 - We will just have to see what tomorrow will bring!


Anonymous said...

wow. i wish i was committed to doing something as wonderfuly as you are. today i did what needed to be done then i took and nap and feel very useless. i didn't want to go to a movie earlier because im sick of doing things by myself but i'm so bored i'm going to a movie in an hour. wanted. want to come?? :)

vanessa, i hope today (day 7) has bee a growing an learning experience.

continue to grow and shine your light into this world

BonnieRose said...

That is a great idea! who exactly took that pic of u in the gardens? Looks so adorable! Can't wait to hear what all your other days were like! hugs and happy 4th!