Sunday, July 20, 2008

A New Project.

I know I should know how to do this already, but I just learned today how to use a sewing machine. My mom got me one for Christmas, but with school and life I never ended up using it. I took it out the other day to play with but my mom taught me the basics today. It was a lot of fun. Plus I felt like I was living in the olden days when like that was a mother's job - to teach her daughters how to sew. Here is what we made...

What do you think?? know its not anything spectacular. But pretty cool to say I made it!

Have a creative day,


Ps- I also happened to create a little bracelet.. I'll take a pic and show you later.


Anonymous said...

oh how pretty! like a unicorn :I

can i order 1, or 2,000? that would be lovely.

ooooohhhhhh the ways in which the heart can twist and shout. have a wonderful aftern00n.

-el cielo

BonnieRose said...

pretty bag!