Thursday, August 07, 2008


It's been awhile.. i've been enjoying my summer weeks very much! I've been spending my last couple of weeks with my clients that I've been working with all summer. I've been running almost every other day. My friend Anna came back from her summer in India, so I've been spending lots of time with her. Went up to a friends cabin last weekend. Lot's of fun things going on before i go back to school A WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!! AHH!!

New inspirations? A few.. but nothing beats the old inspiration of the Beatles. Every day their music inspires me in different ways. Can you imagine being a beatle? Knowing that your music single handedly changed so many people's lives? So amazing. I saw Paul McCartney in concert a couple of years back.. i was in tears the whole time. Oo their songs make me happy.

Much love to you!

Spending my thursday night with Anna, her mother and my mother! A little mother daughter event! How sweet :)



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Anonymous said...

can i spent time with your mom and anna's mom? you and anna can come if you'd like, i guess.... but i would like to know the women responsible for the amazingness existing today!!!

p.s. the beatles are AMAZING, we should put PJs on and dance to beatles songs ALL DAY LONG for ONE WHOLE DAY =)