Sunday, November 02, 2008

City of my Smiles

Hello Blog Readers! My dad and sherry just left here to fly on back to Phoenix, Arizona. We had a really wonderful weekend together. You wouldn't believe the beautiful fall weather we had here! Sherry took some gorgeous photos of the trees and the views we saw, once she sends a couple to me I will put them up on here! It was so nice to have a little slice of home here, it's been a pretty rough year and so it is nice being with people I love.

On a homesick note, my friend Juan is an amazing photographer and took this photos on Minneapolis, down by the stone arch bridge. I was happy to see just another little touch of home!

Look at these!

So beautiful! Well, off to dig in on some homework for the week. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Sending love,



BonnieRose said...

those are amazing photographs.. wow! beautiful.. worth enlarging and framing.. I'd say!

Anonymous said...

wow. those photos are awesome! glad to hear you and your dad had a good time!! can't wait to see what other surprises lay ahead in the next 11 days!!!!