Thursday, February 05, 2009

Home :)

So my trip to Madison was unbelievable! I had the most fantastic time with Mia, her roommates and all. Friday night we went out for Hibachi (meaning the japanese style restaurant that cooks right in front of you!) and had sake bombs! Then after that, we went out to our friend from home, Joe's house for a house party. We had a ton of fun there. It was weird to go out at a different school, cause the social aspect is so different.

( a pic of mia and I from this weekend, being goofy!)

Saturday we had a nice lunch, went shopping along state street and saturday night we made a home-cooked meal (or katherine cooked for us) and we drank wine and played board games with about 5 people. It was a lot of fun, I LOVE board games! So it was my kinda night.

Other than that, we did yoga, went to see "new in town", made a couple more dinners, had thai food.. etc. All in all it was a WONDERFUL trip!

On tuesday morning at 5 am i left madison and took a 4 hours bus to Chicago. I had to go to El Consulado de Chile to receive my visa! One cool story, so I was taking the elevator up to the "consulado" and another couple in the elevator was speaking spanish, talking to me, so I spoke back to them (in spanish). As we were getting up there, the man asked me "Are you chilean?" He told me that he was. Meaning a man from Chile, possibly believed that i was from there! And when i said no, he said.." you have a very good accent!" That was really flattering that a man FROM chile thought that a) i looked chilean and b) my spanish wasn't so bad.

Anyway, then I spent a couple of hours in chicago, and then got back on a bus and spent 8 hours going home. All in all it was a day of 20 hours of traveling. Oh boy.. i was exhausted!

Today I work at 4, other than that I will just be finishing my valentines! And packing and what not. Good day i hope :)

Happy Thursday

Much Love,



Anonymous said...

hi love! fun to hear about your adventures this weekend :) hope you have a happy day, and i'm sure your valentines will be just as beautiful as ever. i love you a whole lot!! xoxo - ashley

BonnieRose said...

sounds like ur life is fab! hugs bonnierose