Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Manijar rocks my world.

Como estaispo?
(a typical chilean greeting, accompanied by un "besito" a kiss on the cheek)

I'm still feeling happy. I don't know what it is about this place that keeps the corners of my lips turned upwards haha.. I guess I am exaggerating by saying that I am smiling all the time.. but everyday i have that feeling, that feeling like there is nowhere else i would rather be. i like that feeling.

today i was leaving one of my classes and trying to race to another class to get there in time. in the U.S i probably would have been grumpy and anxious trying to get to class on time, here though, it is impossible! Because as i was speed walking i passed a farmers market the size of a gigantic macy's store full of only fruits, vegetables, flowers and fresh fish. imagine all of the colors on a color wheel right in front of you and all stuff that you can touch and even EAT! that is how I imagine heaven, haha.. colorful and full of wonderful food :)

I have had all of my classes at least one time now, and I am pretty content with them. I am taking :

1. Universal Themes of LIterature
2. Contemporary Spanish Literature
3. Chilean Culture and Composition
4. Typical Chilean Dance
5. Valparaiso: The history, film and literature

Keep in mind, all but two are with all other chilean students so it isn't exactly going to be a breeze in the park.. but hopefully they are all do-able! For monday I have to read 100 pages of Voltaire in SPANISH! I can't even understand Voltaire in English so we'll see.. haha, the professor told me to first read it in english though, so that I understand the concepts. She also said that when the other students have exams, i will not take the same exam as them. That is nice, because this class is going to be really difficult. The other ones seem pretty good though, like they will challenge me but I will for sure be able to finish them.

other interesting things... i feel like i could probably write a book write now with all that is new or different or scary or exciting but i will spare you. i'll do some bullet points..

* went out dancing until 5 in the morning like a typical chilean, i danced salsa merengue regaton and pop
* went to a house party where 5 chileans had a huge drum circle and played like crazy while everyone else danced
* went to the beach where the women next to me had a seizure!! we had to call the ambulance and everything!!
* went to a bar where there were acrobats (cirque de solei style) climbing on cloth right next to me!
* went to an intense soccer game where there was a huge fire and a stampede!!
* went to a coffee house and drank mate the customary way, where everyone passes it around!
* made new chilean friends!
* talked for hours with my host mom about relationships and men, haha (in spanish of course!)
* ate mussels and clams and seabass and all types of fish

here are some photos of my fam!

pretty cute, huh?

ok i'm off to reading about a nudist indigenous village in the southernmost point of chile where there are only 30 members left and only 2 who speak the original language! isn't it crazy that an entire culture can be erased???

besos y abrazos (kisses and hugs)



Morgan S. said...

Vanessa I'm so glad your smiling all the time! Everything sounds so amazing that I wish we could visit and share the experience together. I want to try and call you in Chile so let's work something out!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the update!! I am checking your blog constantly as I am very interested in what you are doing daily!! I have also given your site out to a lot of my friends who are also reading it.

It sounds like you are having an amazing and epic adventure.

Keep on exploring and most certainly keep on smiling!!!

I love you!


Anonymous said...

Also, in reading your post, I think I know why the nudist indigenous village is loosing all their people. If they are at the southern most tip of Chile they are freezing to death!! Someone sends some coats down there!


Anonymous said...

Your dad is a jokester