Monday, November 22, 2010

A big update.

Time passes and I forget to write. Time passes and I forget to stop and reflect. Time passes and I forget!

Now it is the middle (almost the end) of November and I have spent the last three months in a gorgeous place with a wonderful job and I have forgotten the details. I'll do my best to make up for the lost time here.

In the end of August, Travis and I drove the 30 or so hours to Incline Village, Nevada. My new home. The very day we made it to our destination we SAW A BEAR! I have since seen 4 bears in my life, and I am still counting. I love seeing bears. Every time it is a ZEN moment when it seems like all of the world stops around you. People stop talking, the wind stops blowing, all to take in the beautiful sight of a big, furry animal waddling through the town.

I pledged my commitment to America in the beginning of September. "I will get things done for America" were the exact words I had to say to announce my commitment to AmeriCorps. Kind of cool and honorable.

I started work at Tahoe's Connection for Families that very same day. I work at a parenting education facility with a complete childhood development program as well. In laymen terms that means that from 9-noon every morning I hang out with families and their kids. We play games, sing songs, recreate. The parents go into a class for about an hour of that time with varying topics such as potty training, discipline, sleeping, food, etc. while Pattye (one of my coworkers) and I play with kids and feed them snack.

From noon-5 every day I assist in all of the things it takes to run a business. I answer phones, respond to emails, manage money, apply for grants, organize fundraisers, translate documents to Spanish, work on the website ( and any other thing that needs to be done. It is pretty great. I truly love my job.

Living in Lake Tahoe is awesome. It is hands down the most beautiful place I have ever lived in my life. To see the Lake glowing and mountains hovering in the background is such an energizing sight. It has a very calming and healing nature about it.

I live with three girls named Cora, Grace and Lyndsay. We have a small little condo which serves us very well. We each have our own bedroom and bathroom. And we even have a fireplace in our living room! Fireplaces make everything so cozy!

Okay, I have to go. But I will make an effort to keep things updated. Not really for anyone else other than myself. But I would also love it if others would read it!

Sending love,


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