Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let it go..

Let go of all of the pounds I have gained since college! When I went to college in 2006 I weighed somewhere around 117-120 pounds. In December of 2006 when I went home for Christmas break I weighed 141 pounds!! I can't believe how fast this transition can occur!

Here is a picture of me before I left for college.. I know its silly but look how thin I was! This was taken in August of 2006

And then just a few months later, I believe this picture was taken in December 2006!

I have tried dropping these pounds, but as soon as they go away they seem to appear back before I know it. So this summer I have tried something more drastic.


I know it is kind of silly, but I really think it has helped me. When I went in for my first visit (5 weeks ago) I weighed 138.8 pounds. My goal weight is 118.8 pounds, so I have 20 pounds ahead of me.

I have lost a total of 4.6 pounds in 5 weeks. Someone asked me the other day how I could have drastically changed my diet, started exercising more and still only managed to lose less than a pound a week. I will admit this is frustrating, but if you think about it - that means you would lose close to 52 pounds a year. And that's pretty amazing!

I didn't do very well eating or tracking this past week. I was very stressed out and I am most definitely a stress eater. For some reason I think I "deserve" more to eat when I am stressed. That is a silly notion. I have my weigh-in tomorrow afternoon and I just know that my weight isn't going to have gone down. But what I have to remember is that even if I didn't eat perfectly, I still made healthier decisions because of Weight Watchers than I would have normally.

I've already started this week off much better.

Good luck, me!

All love,


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