Thursday, August 31, 2006

busy bee

Hey, I am sorry I didn't write yesterday and to be honest I don't have much time to write today. Everything has been going really fast, in a good way though. Yesterday I had a lot of classes, 4 in total and one was 3 hours long!! Any way, my professors here are so great. I can already tell that I am going to learn so much from them. I am learning ideas and concepts that I have never learned before in a style that is new, and it is all so wonderful! I love to learn and i love to be inspire, these professors are so inspriring. Actually a lot of the people here are inspiring, my friend nina speaks three languages and is learning a fourth, a girl in my class wrote a novel, people have traveled all over the world and are full of amazing thougts ideas and stories. I know that Dickinson was the right choice now, so many people to learn from who share a lot of similar values and what not. There was a tour coming through the campus today with students who were looking at the school for next year and I just went up to one mother and told her.. "this is a great place" It is the truth and I wanted her to know that, she was like so pleased and asked me all of these questions and stuff, it was fun! Today i only had one class, it was a spanish discussion class with a foreign exchange student from Spain. She was so nice and I liked it because we basically just talked in spanish, something I am relatively good at. In the morning I went for a run, it was a perfect morning for a jog, the sun was peaking out but it was stil a litle chilly but the air felt so fresh. I have exercised almost every day I have been here, which makes me feel good. The athletic center is beautiful and free to use at any time!! Any way, i went in to carlisle today and went to the bookstore and then to Lu Lu's which is the arts and crafts store I found in town. I talked to one of the owner and she asked me if I would want to teach a scrapbooking class there!! Can you believe it! I haven't scrapbooked since I have been here but they have the workspace and tons of old antiqued paper and cards and buttons. Just beautiful stuff(although maybe not my style??) It is a very classic and traditional look. Anway, they have tons of beeds and a work room!! Which is great! I already have a beading date next week with a girl from my dorm to make some things. Everything was relatively well priced too! Anyway, i really should get to bed since i am waking in about 7 hours for my frist class!! I Can't wait for the weekend!! Happy Friday!!!! I am going to eat in town with some friends and then I dont even know about tomorrow night. I hear there is a Toga Dance Party.. i figure every college student has to go to at least one toga dance party, why not tomorrow!!?? haha... thanks for reading! I will update some pictures and stuff this weekend when I have more time! Have a great weekend! *Vanessa

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