Tuesday, August 29, 2006

lazy tuesday.

Today was sort of more relaxed for me. I didn’t have any classes which was really nice. I got up and got a TB shot from the health center here, I need one in order to do community service with kids. Then, I had an “official” phone meeting with both of my parents to discuss my phone issue. I think we figured it all out. I was so like matter of fact, I had researched all of the options and called all of the phone companies with details. I was totally informed when I switched my cell phone service from T-Mobile to Verizon. I love t-mobile at home, but the coverage here is minimal and the coverage with Verizon is all over. This way I can talk in my dorm room, in any other building and I can use my cell phone as a reliable source of communication. Anyway, so then I took my bike out for a little exercise. It was a beautiful sunny hot day but I just went for a 15 mile bike ride, nothing like my dad of course. It was nice to get fresh air and all. So anyway, I had lunch back at school, Corina and I grabbed a bag lunch and ate before a trip to the library. The library here is sooo nice. I can’t believe it, actually I am in the library right now, it is a wonderful place to work. No distractions and so many resources! Any way, so I finished most of my homework for tomorrow. Nina came over to my dorm and we goofed around for a bit and then Mary Grace came over too. Hily stopped by, she is such a sweetheart. She is a twin and I have a heard time telling them apart from far away. She lives right on my floor! Last night, I played apples to apples(the board game) with a bunch of people including Hily, I love board games and there was a big game going on so it was a lot of fun. I went to an info session about the choirs at Dickinson and then I met up with Mary and Nina again for dinner. They are the two people who I have spent most of my time with here. They are really great, we laugh a lot, and get along well together. There is a Flaming Lips (a very cool sort of indi band, they have some really good songs) concert on Thursday in a town like an hour away and we really want to get there.. but there isn’t really any way. It is a bummer, but Nina is determined to get there. I have classes early Friday morning anyway. Anyway, so now I am just sitting in the Library finishing up my homework, and yes… dinging around on the computer. I am not sure what I am going to do later, probably hang out with the girls on my floor again. Maybe watch a movie or play another game! I already feel so independent here. It is like I am a whole different person, yet with a lot of the same qualities. At home, I feel like so much of who I am is about the people I love and spend my time with. Here it is really fun to figure out who I am without all of that. It is quite liberating actually. Anyway, well I switched into a creative writing class so tomorrow is my first class of it!! I will have to share some of my writing with you guys up on the site! Anyway, ‘till tomorrow.

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