Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My very first!

Today is August 22nd, which means that tomorrow, I will be getting on a plane and flying to a new place with new people and new things. I am moving to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to attend Dickinson College.

(here is my beautiful school)

I am, for the first time in my entire life, leaving the home of my parents and the comfort of Minnesota and going out on my own. Needless to say, I'm scared. For the past three weeks, all I have been able to think about is just getting to school. I swear i have 100 butterflies that have been living in my stomach for the past couple of weeks. (as a side note, "Vanessa" just so happens to mean butterfly in hebrew)

Today though, today was different, today I am really nervous. I am really starting to second guess my decision to move half way across the country. I was sitting at Barnes and Noble, double checking all of my lists to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything, and I saw a young girl. She was about 10 years old with long dark brown hair, she was wearing a big t-shirt and some legging shorts. She was waiting for her mom, eating her chocolate chip cookie, not a care in the world. For some reason, I kept looking at her, and I realized.. that was me!!!! About 8 years ago, of course, but at that moment I realized the young woman I have grown in to. Here I was, sitting with my sandwhich and soup, keys in hand, on my own, double checking lists I have made to go off to college.

I am sort of in a weird stage, not a kid, not an adult. I usually still think of myself as a kid, afterall, you are only as old as you feel! But I am about to be living on my own, making decisions for myself that will effect my entire life.

Anyway, so I wanted to start this blog because I am not going to be able to scrapbook very much at school and I really want to remember everything really well. So I am hoping that I will jounral and post pictures and then when I get home for thanksgiving, I can just transfer them on to a scrapbooking page. For those of you who don't scrapbook, you may be thinking I am a nerd, but for those of you who do scrap... I am sure you can understand how important these memories are.

Thank you to Bonnie from my old workplace, Artsy Tartsy, I have become an avid reader of her blog, and she has inspired me to start blogging as well!!

Tonight I am going to spend my last evening playing board games with some friends. A lot of my friends have already left, but I am pretty sad about saying goodbye to everyone still. I spent the day enjoying the things I love about Minnesota.. the lakes, the sky and the people! Here is a picture I just took!

This is my backyard.. the beautiful sunset on Lake Minnetonka, how I am going to miss seing this every night and every morning. Well Pennsylvania will have its perks too!!

Thanks for reading!

P.S - I should maybe explain the title of my blog. Have you ever heard of Virginia Woolf? If you haven't, she is a wonderful author. She was around during the 20s and was really revolutionary for women. She had a very intersting style of writing called "stream of consciousness" where she would write the same way a person thinks. Anyway, in I think 1930, she wrote a book called "A Room of One's Own" This is a huge theme in a lot of her books, she thought that all women needed a room of their own. Anyway, the book is about what it would be like if Shakespeare had a sister, and the different struggles that women writers had to go through. More than anything, I just like the idea of having a room of my own, a place to be me, a place to express anything and everything and that is what I want this blog to be, so that is how i chose the title!

Iif you are looking for a book of hers to read, read this! Its wonderful)

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BonnieRose said...

You are very welcome Vanessa.. your blog is awesome.. you go girl!
You sound like you are in such a beautiful place, soak it all in, make new friends, and remember you have friends and family back here that love and adore you.. including me!