Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

So today, I spent most of the day on the airplane. It was really weird sleeping my last night in my own bed. A wonderful thing happened though, a rain storm came through wayzata, so I got to sleep in a thunder storm, that is like my favorite thing to do. I slept a lot on the plane too, nothing else to do really. I finished a lot of Sudoku puzzles to keep my mind off of the fact that things would never be the same again. It is scary.

We landed in Harrisburg and took a taxi to Carlisle, we checked into our Bed and Breakfast that was built in 1790. It is beautiful and quaint and just old. My mom and I wandered on the campus a bit, saw my the outside of my dorm.. but the doors were locked so I couldn't get in. Not to worry though, tomorrow I will arrive on campus at 8:00 sharp to start moving in to my dorm room!!! I am soo nervous, but I cannot wait to meet my roomate Tiffany! It will be fun to meet the girl I am going to be living with for a year!!

I am really tired tonight, I want to just go to bed early so I can be prepared for my big day ahead of me. I am so glad I brought my teddy bear with me, I may be 18 and off to college.. but I still need a cozy cuddler at my side.

(here he is! My handsome George Teddy, the softest bear in the world)

Goodnight, sorry for the short entry.... tomorrow is a big day!

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BonnieRose said...

love that teddy bear!