Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Hey there,

Have I ever told you how wonderful my friends are??? One of my best friends in the whole wide world came home for new years, it was such a treat to see her. It is like, even though we have been apart for awhile, everything just picks up again like we weren't even apart. It is sometimes hard having two different lives, one at school and one at home, but it makes it extra good because I not only have one set of amazing friends, but two!!!!! How lucky can a girl be?

These are my beautiful friends from home... it has been wonderful to spend time with them over break.

Our friend Mary Peterson was involved in a terrible car accident a couple days after christmas. I haven't heard much from her, but I think she broke her back in the accident. Please send her your positive thoughts and prayers in hope that she will get better soon. I love you dear Mary Peterson!!!

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Andrew said...

I am not sure what words would be correct to say, but on my behalf (albeit rather strange) wish your friend Mary get bettter soon! And on a more cherry note, you are quite a lucky girl!