Saturday, March 17, 2007

Home, where my thoughts will take me... home...

I am home alas, and boy, does it feel good!!!

Though I love school, nothing beats sitting in your own cozy bed with a good movie on, eating the food that you love with your mom right by your side. Seriously, I don't think there is anything better than that. I have one day left in Minnesota and then off to school again. I have only 2 months left of school. They will be crazy, but that really isn't very much time. It is sort of bittersweet to me, I can't wait to be home again, yet I will miss all of the people from school. Gosh, college certainly is a weird thing.

So I am reading "Perks of Being a WallFlower" by Stephen Chbosky and it is realy good.

It is so nice to have time to pleasure read, I will tell you it is one luxury that I took for granted.

Another good thing in my life, is that my boyfriend MIKE came home to Minnesota with me! What a treat! We spent most of the week showing him around town, taking him to my favorite places and favorite restaurants. We went to two museums, the walker art museum and the science museum (What dorks!) but we had a good time at both!

I like Mike because he is a dork. Hehe, just like me... (as you can tell from the picture)

I scrapped tonight, only two pages but they were good none the less. My mom scrapped with me for a bit, her first pages ever!!! I think she had had a bit too much wine because she used twizzlers (the candy) as ribbon!!! Maybe she is just that creative or maybe she is just silly but it was fun to scrap with her. I also put all of my pages from college into a new book, I realized that though I don't scrap often, when i do they turn out really well. I now have 6 pages in my college book! How great! I need to find out a way to scrap at school, life is too boring without it!!

Well, comment if the mood is right! Have a wonderful couple of months Minnesota, I will be back in no time. And Pennsylvania, HERE I COME!!!!

Peace to you all, be safe and have fun.

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BonnieRose said...

I will miss u vanessa, see u soon!!! And btw, Mike is a real sweetie!