Friday, April 27, 2007

It's the weekend!

Today is Friday!! Which is fantastic!!!

The weekend should be full of fun, tonight I am going to the "Octals" concert, which is the all boy a cappella group at school. They are so wonderful and so cute, so I am excited. Before the concert I am going out to dinner with the "Syrens' which is the all girls a cappella group which i happen to be a part of. Very nice bonding time, i hope!

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to Baltimore to see the Baltimore aquarium and the baltimore zoo. Have you ever been there? I hear it is absoultely amazing! That is one benefit of being on the east coast, you drive an hour and a half and you get somehwere cool. I can go to philadelphia in under 2 hours, washington d.c in under 2 hours, New York in under 4. How cool!! I will have to take really cool pictures of the aquarium and the zoo while i am there.

Other than that, this weekend will be filled with work! I have a 20 page research paper due on Monday which i have some progress on, but I need to make a lot more progress. I also have a presentation due Thursday about global warming and politics in the united states. I get to learn about such interesting stuff!!

Also, sunday is the ceremony for Alpha Lambda Delta which is the honor society for first year students. I was very happy to make this society. Should be a beautiful outdoor ceremony, maybe I will take pictures of that too!!

(17 days till i can scrapbook!! woo hoo!!))


BonnieRose said...

have fun in Baltimore. sounds like so much fun!

BonnieRose said...

thks for the cool link on your sidebar.. thanks vee! hugs, see u soon I am sure!