Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who are you today?

Who are you? What keeps your little wheels turning?

I am Vanessa Lynn Nesbitt, a young woman in a family with my mom and with my dad, though not both at the same time. I am a college student who is struggling to learn how to be an adult on my own, missing my careless days of silliness and youth. I am emotional and sensitive to my own problems and especially to the problems of others. I am open and loving. I am goofy and silly and serious. I am very dependent on other people, more than i am independent on myself. I am happy, I love life and love the world but sometimes have to fight to be happy. I have a big heart. I think way too much. My wheels turn because of people, not only my friends and family but people in general. I wake up every morning because i want to see a brand new day.

Now, who are you? ... I want to know...

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BonnieRose said...

Great post nessa girl.. love it! and that pic of you is gorgeous! That's a keeper.. love what u shared.. and btw, yes, I'm lovin my new Macbook.. love it!