Friday, May 25, 2007

The earliest post I will ever write

Haha, so I guess this can be considered either the earliest or the latest post i will probably ever write. I just got home form the premeire of Pirates of the Carribean III. It was so much fun, really, they did a great job with it. It is so entertaining! You've got to get out and see it! If you liked the first two, get out and see the third!

Okay so the only reason I am writing this late is because I forgot the tune and question of the day!!

Tune of the day: Fire on the Mountain - Grateful Dead
Question of the day: What is your favorite day of the week?

* Kinda random, I know. but I think that my favorite day would be Sunday. It is always like the day when nothing is really going on, it is all about relaxation and just recuperation before the week ahead. I like Sunday! hehe, what about you?

Alright, talk to you tomorrow, or i guess just later today!

Peace your way,



Anonymous said...

yeah sorry i couldnt get you the first line of the movie but it was long... and over really quickly. hope my hints helped. Cant wait see you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

loveeee, your blog is so great. P.S. your picture at the top is gorgeous and I'm excited for the journal to arrive. Have a GREAT time in New York!! I can't wait to read the journal and hear about your time at home. miss you!

BonnieRose said...

V, hubby and I saw it yesterday.. great movie.. we both liked it too.. wow that was a late nite for you wasn't it? lol have a great time in NY with bf... waves to Mike.. have fun together you two!