Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Come on, don't stop till you get enough"

I got some scrapping in today!! Which was fabulous! but ican't post what I made because it may or may not have been a couple of birthday presents for a couple of my favorite people that are having birthdays in the next couple of weeks!


So right now, I am at my dad's house, but he isn't here for the summer so I am just hanging out here by myself. It is sort of nice to have a whole house to myself. I have Michael Jackson blaring in the background and I am dancing around. hehe, I can't believe I just admit that! but I have some candles burning and I gathered a little vase of flowers from my dad's garden. Haha, this is the life!!


So Last night, we played a pick-up game of soccer. I played soccer for about 14 years of my life, and now I am not playing anymore.. so it felt so good to play again! We had about 12 people out there so it ended up being 6 on 6. Our team won!! (of course) haha, but today I am sooo sore! I think it is a sign that I am aging!

Is there one thing that you used to do quite frequently and now you don't? It could be anything.. (Ex. - writing, going to church, exercising,) Well, whatever it is, you should try picking it up again, at least just once. I promise it will give you a nice comforting feeling.

Love to you, happy tuesday!



Anonymous said...

I just got a very entertaining image of you dancing around ur dads house to music... and I was entertained prolli used it to motivate you to plant that scavenger hunt. And to answer your final thing its take the time to enjoy things and ive been trying lately...

Anonymous said...

i want your pants.


vanessa nezbiatch