Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Well, I know father's day was yesterday, but yesterday was terribly busy and so I didn't want to go on not writing to you guys about how fabulous my father is!!

Yesterday I went to my new congregation that I have been going to, and their was an assignment! The assignment was to write down a couple of things that you learned from you dad. Well, here is what I wrote.

What I learned from my father..

* To "never take this day for greanted"

* To parallel park

* To always have a sense of adventure

* To cut vegetables the right way

* To have compassion

* To ride my bicycle

* To be Laid Back

* That I am indeed, special!

If you didn't read my post a couple of days ago, then I will tell you that my dad right now is on a bike trip across europe. So, unfortunately, we couldn't celebrate today... but I had him in my thoughts all day along!! If you can, visit his link at

and check on his progress across europe. I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!! Happy Father's Day!

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