Monday, July 16, 2007

A Monday Entry.

Good morning to you!

I have just been terrible at updating my blog, huh?

I guess it has been a mixture of reasons why. For one, finding even an extra second in spain was literally a tremendous challenge. I guess that will tell you though that I was having an amazing time. Secondly, the transition back to my regular (if I can even say that about anything anymore) life has been sort of hard. I of course love being home, but it was very hard to get adjusted back to the time zone and it is almost like a culture shock to have such a switch of lifestyle.

"Transition means change and it is a paradox that the constant cycle of life is assurance of neverending change."

it is a hard transition to come from an experience where everyday i was learning so many new things and meeting new people and I was exploring with a new language. There were a lot of new things which made each and every day so exciting and so spectacular. Of course, with time that would have lost it's flare as well.. but it was difficult leaving that lifestyle and coming back to my home where I've had the same relationships for years and even decades.

What I've decided though is that I should make it my mission to learn more every day while I am here. You don't need to be in a foreign country to learn something new every day, I am going to do it here! For that reason I've been trying to read every day and just talk to people.

Anyway, I am very thankful to be at home now. I have come to the conslusion that I AM IN LOVE WITH MINNESOTA. Everytime i come back after being away for awhile, I will drive the same drive I always drive and my mind will be jumping with memories and I am unable to take my eyes off of the lush green or the pure white snow or the setting sun or the movement of the lake. Whatever it is I see, It is like the most amazing thing in the world. That is why I love Minnesota.

Today, I don't work until 2 and so I will be spending my day outside enjoying Minnesota's beauty and attempting to learn.

What a great day.

I hope you will find great happiness in your Monday!

Love and peace


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BonnieRose said...

Great to hear fr ya V, and can't wait to see you soon!