Monday, July 09, 2007

Well, today is my last day here in Spain. The last day of my trip!

This week has been filled with some more amazing things, we have seen many beautiful places and met many beautiful people. I think we have been most touched my our neighbors who have taken to it that we have a good time while we are here. They have had us over for dinnner and yesterday they took us out to their favorite beach locations, took us out for lunch and drove us everywhere in their car. They are a very kind and caring family, and i am so thankful to have met them.

The only problem we have is that they don´t speak english, and my dad and sherry don´t speak spanish. The good news is that their youngest son speaks english and i speak spanish we are the designated translators for the group. It has really helped me with my spanish skills i think.

(un foto de mi padre, sherry y yo enfrente de un pueblo y playa marvillosa)

Today will be spent soaking up the last day by going into the little shops and things i love and tonight we will be going to out to celebrate with TAPAS ( a typical spanish meal) I am not looking forward to leaving but at the same time i am much looking forward to the comfort of my own bed.

What have you been doing in the weeks i have been gone? i would love to know! leave me a comment maybe to tell me what´s going on in YOUR life!

love in your direction!



Dad said...


Thank you sooooo much for coming to Girona and staying with us!! It was a week to remember. We had so much fun and we saw some incredible sights.

I hope you flight home is smooth and that you make all your connections.

I love you!!!!


BonnieRose said...

can't wait to hear all about it. hope to see u soon!