Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One Week Left.

A week from today, bright and early on Wednesday morning, I will be taking off in my car with my mom and her best friend Kathy to drive to DICKINSON COLLEGE. How crazy, the summer is almost coming to a close.

I have quite mixed feelings about going back. On the one hand, I love being at home and I love the protection you feel being in a place that you have been your whole life. At the same time, I know that once I get to school I will be as happy as a bee seeing all of my long-lost friends, taking amazing courses that i will learn so much from, and just being all around busy. I am a very busy girl at school.. but I always like being busy. it is just important to slow down every once in awhile to catch your breath.

I've been doing a lot of preparation for the going back to school deal. I went on a large shopping spree at target. (Isn't target the best? I am in love with target, i've decided. I don't know why, it just makes me feel.. at home.. haha)

I also went to the Mall of America! And picked up a few things.

My biggest purchase is ..... A NEW CAMERA!!!

I am pretty happy about it! I have been taking wayyyy too many pictures ever since I got it! Especially since my other camera has been broken all summer, I haven't been able to take any good pictures. Now though, I can take as many as I want! So just watch out!

One of my first pictures on my new camera! Chelsea and I out to lunch!

Well hope you have a great day! I am off to yoga!

Love to you!


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BonnieRose said...

THAT IS A GREAT picture of you both! congrats on the new camera! hugs