Friday, August 10, 2007


Thank God it's friday! Although, to be honest, every day in my life is friday this summer. Haha! I work on odd days, so really, a friday doesn't mean too much!

It is like an oven outside! There is nothing really to do except for jump in the lake or in a pool and cool down. I'm not quite sure what we are up to this evening. Do you have any good ideas? I would really like to see the movie "No reservations" but no one was very interested in seeing it with me! I think maybe it would be fun just to hang out outside. We will see what comes of the night, hopefully something fun will arise!



Anonymous said...

Hmmm maybe some comedy sportz?? Is the art fair still in town?? A bonfire you live in Mn so much to do!! the oven's not only out there though... enjoy the remainder of your summer treat every day like a friday ;P

BonnieRose said...

Hi V, glad ur enjoying your last few weeks here in MN... hugs... that NO RESERVATIONS movie sounds like a good one, I wanna see that one too.. we may be going tonite, hey u wanna come with us?? U cud meet my girls.. it would be fun!! Wanna meet us in champlin? mann theaters there? we're planning on the 7ish pm show... let me know!!!