Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling.

Hello to you!

I know, I know, I am terrible and haven't kept up with my blog. I hope you can forgive me. I didn't realize that anyone really read this blog and then recently I've been hearing "Vanessa, why haven't you updated your blog?" Well, I am glad you do read.. but please COMMENT!

So quick update on my life.

1. My Dad is back from his bike trip through europe (again check out to read about it)

2. I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my friends from school and it was fabulous!!

3. My friend Ryan, whom I met in Spain came out to visit and we had a wonderful time!

4. Mike came out to visit this weekend and lived each day as if it were our last.

5. Now, I have about 3 weeks left of summer before my classes start!

6. My friend Mia is the best friend in the whole world!

So there is a quick update. I will be writing more often for the next 3 weeks, you can hold me to it!!

I hope everyone is doing well. Was anyone effected by the bridge collapse in Minneapolis? I hope that all of your families are safe and not effected physically by the collpase, but I also hope that we use the incident to reflect upon those who you love in your life. Realize that life is fragile and we must love those around us.

With that, my good friend Sam's mother is dying of cancer. I may have written about this previously but recently they have found that the severity of the illness is now unstoppable. Please add Sam's mom, Doll, to your thoughts, prayers, meditations this week. Please pray to give her and her family strength and peace through her last days with us. Doll is one of the sweetest women in the world, she always acts with kindess in her heart. So in honor of Doll this week, act with kindess in your heart. I love you, Sam and I pray that you always remember the brilliance in which your mother radiates. I pray that you use these last days, weeks with her here as a celebration of the wonderful life she is living. I am sending you strength each and every day.

Please comment with something, anything in the world.

I love you. Each and every one of you.



BonnieRose said...

Omg.. u are alive.. sounds like u have had such a wonderful summer V, so glad to see u updating, I've missed your posts! Hugs, hope to see u soon.. I am off till the 20th.. the girls are here with us till then! keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

hey you.
1. Wow so Im impressed you got home and wrote one that quickly that's great happy to be reading them again and as promised im posting this time lol.
2. I'm so glad that you have had so much fun with your frineds but you've been so busy you must be glad for time to yourself to reflect.
3. I had so much fun out there with you.
4. Send sam's family my best wishes I'm so sorry that I did not get to meet him or wish his mother well I hope they like you plaque form the art fair.
5. School might be son but you've got 3 weeks still so live up everyday and treat them as though they were the last days of your life.
6. gotta love random people we meet lol
7. The bridge collapse was indeed a tragedy and although I was not personally affected I do send my best wishes to those who were. I also feel as though it is unfortunate that these events happen but they do serve to unify us with those we care about and remind us of our own mortality so that we might appreciate what time we do have to it's fullest extent.
Have a fun summer keep updating!