Monday, August 06, 2007

An Artsy Tartsy Day.

Happy Monday, everybody.

Today I am working at Artsy Tartsy!

(the artsy tartsy gang last summer)

I work all day today, 10 till 6. Have I ever told you how much i love my job? Seriously, I get to sit here and look at beautiful paper and beads. I get to constantly be inspired by all of the things all over the walls. I get to brainstorm about my next project! And! I get to talk to all of the lovely customers that come in. Really, it is a great job for me. If you scrapbook and/or live in Minnesota, you should really check out all of our stuff. We are looking a little low on goods rights now but in this coming month, we are getting a LOT of new things in! Of course, right in time for me to be leaving.. haha.. well I will get my fair share of scrapping in before then.

Later tonight, Mia and I are going to try out something we've been wanting to do for awhile. We are going to try our luck with one of the most popular new forms of exercise. Yes, that's right... Mia and I are going to go bend our bodies in ways we never thought possible in doing YOGA!

I've done yoga before, and I've always enjoyed it. Now though, we want to make a good habit of exercising most days, so why not do it together and by doing something we actually enjoy doing! I think it is important to find that. I don't want to go for a jog every day. Sure, it more be more effective but if i don't like it- than what's the point??

It should be a good day though I hope.

What are your plans for the day???

I may write more later.

Love to you!



Anonymous said...

good to see you having fun at work. It's awesome getting paid for something you love to do. Make the poster about our favorite spot for contemplating under the title of creativity happens anywhere?? True yoga should be great for exercise but it'll also give you time to kick back, relax and contemplate.... before your feet end up behind your head that is... Enjoy your exercise and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

btw sorry forgot the name anonymous was mike much love ttyl

Dad said...


Glad to see you are doing something productive at work!!

I am glad that you are blogging again!!! I missed reading your entries. You are so inspiring! I wish I had your talent for writing. You really should write a book someday. You are one of the best writers to ever come out of Blake high school and Dickinson College!!!

Anyway, let's go to the zoo on Wednesday and see the exhibit at the Science museum and then make an incredible dinner that night????

Love you,

BonnieRose said...

U must take that NOT MY BEST photo off your blog... lol my hair was having such a bad hair day. lol