Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Personality Test!

Have you ever heard of Carl Jung? Well, he was a psychiatrist who was very influential in different psychology discoveries and theories. He studied art, religion and dreams to determine more about the human psyche and personality. A lot of times, however , his work is not included in the curriculum of public shools because he had a semi-spiritual focus to him. He thought that people should go more by their spiritual side than the actual scientific process of things.

So anyway, he combined with Isable Myers Briggs to create this perosnality test that asks over 70 quick questions and then it gives you a personality type. They judge you based on four things..

Extraversion - Introversion
Sensing - Intuition
Thinking - Feeling
Judging - Perceiving

It is a really interesting personality test that I have found to be fairly reflective of my real personality. They will give you a 4 letter code that is your personality type. So for me, I am an ENFJ (etravert, intuition, feeling, judging) They describe the personality type as "teachers" which I thought fit me quite well! Haha.. other people with my same personality type include Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reagan, Sean Connery and a list of many more.

You should take the test! It doesn't take that long, maybe 7 minutes... Maybe you can learn something about yourself!

If you do, tell me what you are...I'd like to know!!


P.S - so yoga went surprisingly well! It was in a warm room, so I think i drained out any ounce of sweat i thought possible. We liked it so much that we were already back at 9 30 this morning! I was looking around the room at how many fit women there were in the building and I was like.. "I gotta keep doing it" I really enjoyed it. One thing that my Yoga teacher said today is that ."You have about 12 waking hours left in the day, any of that time that you use judging people or analyze you waste so much time to set out and be kind and love." I really liked that.

Let me love today!


Mo said...

I need to go take the test when I have more time. I took it in college and again when I first started working full time in my field and both times my personality reflected ESTJ.

I'll let you know if I have changed over the years. Thanks for the recommendation and link.

BonnieRose said...

thks for sharing the link V, love what ur teacher said to u at the end of the post.. oh so true.. wise person. that yoga teacher.

Anonymous said...

Actually I had heard of Carl Jung but I could not remember in what respect until I read your summary. Somehow the fact that this man believed that we should approach life from their spiritual side as opposed to the scientific or more analytical one sounds like something that you would say lol. It's definately an interesting idea. I got ESFJ for my personality which I agreed with.

Glad you're enjoying yoga it's not like borkham yoga is it where they crank up the temperature in the room is it?? Your yoga teacher sounds like a very laid back lady. It's interesting to see the different outlooks people have on the world especially when it comes to how they want to spend those moments in the day. I feel like the quote " treat every day like it is your last day on earth" goes along well with hers. This I heard from a very intelligent young lady. have a great day