Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Overdue Trip Photo Update

Here are some photos from my most recent trip out to California!
I spent about 4 days in Los Angeles and 4 days in San Diego.. I'm in love with California.

A view from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

A buzzing bee on a flower in the gardens of the Getty

Beautiful Del Mar (San Diego) Beach

(My Darling and I)

(A sunset over Seaside in Solana Beach)

Life Update: I'm back at school now, I had my second day of classes today. I will post pictures of my new room soon, it is still a work in progress. Also, I'll let you know what classes I'm taking.. should be some interesting ones this semester!

Sending Love from CARLISLE Pennsylvania,



Anonymous said...

ooooooo nessa bugger. california misses you more than you could ever think!

Ashley & Amanda Long said...

Hi Vanessa, please ask your Dad to email us as we would love to hear from him. Long family, UK