Friday, September 05, 2008

Class Time.

So after many problems with getting into classes and having to change my classes and what not, I finally have landed on 4 amazing courses to take this semester.

1. Spanish 330: 18th and 19th Spanish Literature

In this class we basically read different novels, plays and poems from Spanish authors in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a very challenging class, since all of the texts, papers and presentations are done in spanish.. but I think it will challenge my skills before going abroad (hopefully) this spring!

2. Micro-economics

I am taking this class to fill a distribution requirement but I basically have been learning about supply and demand and the different things that cause an effect on the cost of things. Pretty interesting because we talk a lot about issues today, such as the housing market and gas prices and other heated issues.

3. Love, Sex and Hebrew Texts

Incredibly interesting course taught by an Israeli who has published 4 novels and 3 books of poetry all in hebrew. She is a very inspiring woman, every day i leave the class feeling enlightened. We basically look at all different parts of hebrew texts from scriptures in the torah and the kabbalah and talk about gender issues.

4. Creative Writing: Poetry

My last class is a poetry class where we read poems by contemporary poets and also write a couple of poems a week. I used to love poetry when I was younger but I was never too good at it so I'm taking this class to get better! I will post a poem in a little while in case you want to hear :)

So that is about it for classes! In terms of my other cocurricular events...

My singing group, the SYRENS, just added 6 new members!! All freshman with beautiful voices! Can't wait to see where the year will take us!

Also, DELTA NU, my sorority is in full motion with our recruitment of new members. We have been meeting with 170 girls in order to get a Pledge Class around 35 people. Its a lot of work, but it's really fun getting know all of these new girls!

With CARES, the tutoring program, we just met with the teacher at the elementary school today and she is very eager to get things going, as are we! We have several new children this semester who have come from Puerto Rico.. i suppose it is time for me to practice my spanish skills!

My apologies for my untimeliness in writing but as you can see I have a lot on my plate!

Hope that you are doing very well in whatever you are doing today!

Much Love,



Anonymous said...

Hey love! I'm glad you finally updated on here because I check often! It sounds like your classes are a perfect fit for you - I never would have guessed they weren't your first choices! Great to hear about the syrens and dnu... though I need many more details on the phone :) Thanks so much for your message, and expect a call from me soon! Loving and missing you as always.
XOXO, Ashley

Mariangeles M said...

So you're learning Spanish?? If you need a penpal from time to time...

¡¡Hasta pronto!!

BonnieRose said...

great update, loved reading all about it V!!

Whisney said...

i love how your class ryhm's. Love, Sex, and Hebrew Texts. Nice.

Anonymous said...

wow nessa! i look forward to all the new things you will be able to teach me! i can't wait!!