Saturday, September 06, 2008

Snapshots of My Room

My room is actually quite spacious.. which is nice. I share my room with nicole, a girl in my sorority, but I didn't want to invade her privacy by showing you her side of the room. My sorority house is complete with three floors, five bathrooms, two kitchens, two outside patios and a couple of extra rooms to hang out in. My favorite room in the house is on the thrid floor, leading out to the balcony. The walls of the room have been painted for many years and you can see the things that my sisters drew way back in the 70s. So that is pretty neat. Kind of crazy living with 16 girls though.. but it works!

Its a rainy saturday here.. going to go over to a friend's house for chinese food and girltalk and then i have a semi-formal party tonight so I am kind of excited about that :)

Have a very nice weekend!



BonnieRose said...

Your room is BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...


The room looks really nice. It is great that you made it feel "homey" because it is your home for the next 4 months!

I hope your Junior year is the best year yet!! Enjoy everyday honey and get everything that you can from your college experience.

I love you and I miss you here at home!!!