Thursday, September 11, 2008

A poem I wrote!

A Minnesota Evening Over Lake Minnetonka.

Under the crackled planks I hear
The subtle movement of a fish,
Attending a social party.
As I lean back, my eyes catch nocturnal spiders
Gliding through their woven homes.
A murky cloud disappears above
Uncovering the freckles of stars that
Glow while taking no notice to me,
Though, I am watching them contently.
The mossy green water beneath me
Moves only slightly when water bugs land,
Creating a very small ripple
In the glass mirror that reflects the moon.
With the gust of a breeze my lids fall shut
And I feel the desire to share this moment
But then, I realize, there can be no better lover
Than this.

Eyes still closed,
The sound of insects tickles my ear
And I am finally home.

** I wrote this for my poetry class, the class all talked about it for about 10 minutes so I know I have a lot of changes to make! But it was fun writing it, it let me relive my summer nights, if only for a moment! ***

Have a good thursday,


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Anonymous said...

bear nesbitt at her finest :)

what a beautiful song