Friday, November 21, 2008

November Stuff

A couple of items of interest.

1. I TURNED 21!! On november 12th I became legal! Haha, now would anyone like to share a glass of wine with me?

2. Ryan came out to visit for my birthday, I took him on a surprise trip to Philadelphia! Which was a lot of fun because neither of us have really ever spent any time there. It is only about 2 hours away from here so we just took the train up and stayed for one night. We visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute (science museum) and we also saw the liberty bell. It was pretty neat. We also visited his cousin who goes to University of Pennsylvania. It was really nice spending time with my darling.

3. The Syrens Concert was last Friday! I think it went over pretty well. I had two solos this semester. I sang "So Complicated" By Carolyn Dawn Johnson and also "Mother, We just can't get enough" by the New Radicals. If i can ever figure out how to put up vidoes on here, i will. Because I know there is a way!!

4. This weekend my good friend Ashley is visiting Dickinson. She transferred out of Dickinson last year, and so it is so wonderful to have her back here. It just feels so natural for her to be here with us all! So we have a lot of really fun things planned for the weekend!

5. I get to go home for thanksgiving THIS TUESDAY!! I cannot wait. I haven't seen my mom since August 8th, that means I haven't seen her in three and half months. So i am really looking forward to it! Also, even though my dad is living in Arizona this winter, he is coming home for the holiday as well! And of course, all of my friends will be home! So i am so excited about the week ahead of me.

Top List of Things I am Excited About

1. Driving My Car
2. Sleeping in my own bed
3. Showering in my own shower, without shower shoes
4. Eating at all of my fav restaurants
5. Getting to talk with my family, face to face, instead of over the phone
6. Have days where there is NOTHING i HAVE to do!

I hope that you are enjoying this late november, it snowed for the first time here!! So wherever you are, hope you are enjoying the weather.. ( Dad - i know it is 90 and sunny where you are, so dont even try to rub it in! :)

Sending All of My Love,



BonnieRose said...

congrats on becoming legal! Big hugs.. have a great thksgiving!

Anonymous said...


I can't wait for Thanksgiving!! See you Tuesday. I love you. P.S. it is only 80 down here this week!


Anonymous said...

Yo Nessa!

what a wonderful holiday plan you have. i hope your gobble gobble was delicious and your home comfy and refreshing. it was soo lovely spending time with you :) see you in a month!


p.s. i still hate ben franklin