Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Look!

I decided that my blog needed a new look so I cooked up this puppy.. whadya think?

Today is January 15th, meaning that I leave in exactly a month for my adventure. Today I was thinking about the title of my blog and I decided that it is quite perfect, even for my abroad experience. Though I originally made it with the intent of having a place where I can always express my feelings or be perfectly me, it also could mean that I will always a have a room or a home to feel safe in, regardless of where I am. I like that.

I got this in the mail today! A belated christmas gift from Mary Grace ( a friend from Dickinson) I LOVED IT! THank you so much mary grace! I will for sure take it with me to Chile! You're the greatest!.

Also, this is a little late. But after my travels to aspen with Ryan, I took an extra day on my layover in Denver to visit my dear friend Ramsay. Ramsay is actually my "little" in my sorority but has turned out to be one of the greatest friends. I stayed with her family just for one night, but it was so nice to meet all of them. If you read this... Hi Phil, Sarah, Ramsay, Zack (even though i didn't meet you), Amos and Gus! Here are some snapshots of their quaint and loving home.

(my favorite addition to the kitchen!)

Well thats all for now,

sending peace your way!



Anonymous said...


I like the new look to your blog!

Love you!!

Sarah Hogan said...

you went to visit ramsay!! funnn!! Vanessa! I miss you already! and, i know what it's like to have a break that is forever long. i FINALLY leave feb 3rd.. now it's so close!! i hope you're enjoying your time!! LOVE YOU