Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Monday..

Hello Bloggers,

Today I went out shopping with my best friend Mia. We went out to the Mall of America even though it was in the middle of a snowstorm! We had a lot of fun together because we always have fun together, but also because we scored some great deals.

It is so hard to know exactly what I will want while I am in Chile. It is impossible to really gage the type of clothing that is "fashionable" to wear there, but also practical. I don't want to bring like three huge suitcases full of stuff I will never use so I am trying to be smart. Today i got two beautiful skirts from urban outfitters and then a couple of tops form J.Crew (def. my favorite store) Shopping made me really excited about my trip, instead of thinking of it as so far off I know see it right on the horizon. Oh boy.

Last night I went to my friend Pat's house for a little goodbye celebration for his trip to South Africa. Two of his cousins were there and they were so wise and helpful about studying abroad. They both studied during their college experiences in spain, and then afterward they have both had adventures throughout the world. Their number one piece of advice was to get out there and do things. His cousin said that his biggest regret in studying abroad was that he didn't say "yes" to enough things. He said even if you just want to be comfortable and feel safe in your own bed, you should do what you are offered. I thought that was good advice.

Anyway, tonight I am hanging in and just reading and relaxing. In the middle of a book called "God on a Harley" I will write more once I finish the book. (Thanks for the book, Sherry)

Sending love,


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Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,

I don't want you bringing 3 big suitcases either! We have to drag them around with us for a week.

I am really looking forward to the trip down there. 1 month and counting!!

Love you!!! Dad