Friday, January 09, 2009

Traveling Abroad

Many of my friends have already left for their trips abroad!

I am envious that they already get to start their adventures, yet at the same time I am thankful for a couple more weeks of comfort. I can't believe how many people I know will be all around the world.


Morgan - Cameroon, Africa
Kaitlin - Cameroon, Africa
Anna - Morocco, Africa
Patrick - South Africa
Juan - Barcelona, Spain
Ryan - Pamplona, Spain
Molly - Toulouse, France
Mary - Australia
Ben - back to England

.. those are just to name a few!! What a worldly bunch!

if you are interested in reading any other blogs, Molly and Kaitlin have both started blogspots and so I put a link to their profile under "blogs I like" check out "molly's blog" or kaitlin's blog!!

Well, I am off to enjoy a day in a country i am used to, gotta soak up these days cause they won't last for long!

Sending love,


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