Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year Resolutions for 2009

*"What do you got, if you ain't got love?" Show love to all people, speak words of kindness, open your heart to all those who bless your presence.

* There is no ONE WAY that things should be done. Imagine new options and CHOOSE the best thing for you.

* Make new friendships with everyone you meet, search in souls and don't let judgement stand in the way

* TRY almost everything you are offered. Doing, eating, saying the same things you've always done, ate, said will only lead to the same old results.

* Use drive to keep exercising regularly and eating healthy. Your body is a gift, be kind.

* Use time abroad to gain dependence on yourself and nobody else. This may be the hardest transition you'll ever have to make, but also the greatest life- long skill.

* GO OUT! Do things that scare and challenge you.

* Learn to be the master of your emotions - use meditation, breathing and exercising as forms of escape.

* Negativity turns blood cold - clear all thoughts of darkness, judgement, anger or jealousy. Be a warm-blooded being.

* Keep relationships strong with parents. Go out of the way to keep in contact and stay as close as we have become.

* Learn to be more comfortable in your own skin, before others can accept you you must first accept yourself - for ALL that you are.

* Improve the world through involvement in important things: use your capable hands for the impaired, use your voice for the silenced.

* Remember that the world is just one big playground - climb the monkeybars, play tag, build a sandcastle. LIVE YOUR LIFE!


kaitlin irvine said...

Vanessa -

I love them and hope that it's okay if I steal some as my own! Well said! I hope you don't mind I put a link to your blog on my page - I love it! Can't wait to follow your Chilean adventures! Stay well!


Ariel said...

Hey Vanessa! I found your blog through Kaitlin's and I hope you don't mind me creeping, but I really admire how your resolutions are so positive :) have a great time abroad!