Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!!

WoW! I can't believe it is 2009... never thought I'd see the day!

I am still in Aspen, Colorado with Ryan and his family. I have been having a really great time here. It hasn't been too cold, like it was in Minnesota at least, so I haven't quite felt the winter bliss. But today, right now in fact, I am sitting in bed looking out of the window and the snow is coming down so hard, piling up on the evergreen trees and the snowy pure white ground.

Here is a one of my winter wonderland creations, hehe.. Ryan, his sister Laura and I all worked on this cute little guy.

Other than that, we celebrated Ryan's 21st Birthday yesterday!! We went ice skating (will post pictures later) and spent a couple of hours walking through art galleries in town. We had a great lunch at Boogies which has great burgers and milkshakes and then went out for a really nice dinner with his parents. After that, we took Ryan out to the bars. We only went to a couple of them, but it was a lot of fun.

We only have a couple more days here, until Tuesday I believe. Then I am stopping in Denver for a quick visit with my dear friend Ramsay from school, and then flying on back to the land of the ice and snow. Oh goodie! I am actually looking forward to being home with my friends.

May you find peace in your heart in 2009!

Sending Love,


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