Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oo valentines surprise!

I found a little treat outside my door this morning! My good friend Morgan's mom sent me a little valentine's day care package! What a darling woman. Thank you Mrs. Siegrist, you spoil me :) It was full of popcorn, sweethearts, chocolate hearts, jelly beans and the most darling little monkey! The note said : "Miss you, have fun in Chile! And happy valentine's day!" It honestly made my day!

I am almost finished packing!! My mom and I spent the afternoon shoving clothes into the space saver bag things, and I officially have more than enough room! Which is always nice :) Now just throwing in the final things like photos, stuff to decorate my room, health and beauty aids... and other things! Oh boy, countdown is down.

Sending love, Thanks again Mrs. Siegrist!!


Ps - I took my computer into the Apple store because it wasn't working well and I ended up getting almost EVERYTHING re-done. I got a new battery, a new charger, a new keyboard and front screen, and new inner workings. haha. Apple Care is amazing.. i got it all for free!! Buy Apple. And buy apple Care.


peter said...

ive walked into the stream at the discgolf course looking for my disc and as i'm halfway in max or andrew is like peter you ipod? haha thank you apple care. and good call on decorating your room and such it'll be a home away from home. Have fun vanessa! i'm excited to hear stories, see pictures, and recieve salsa lessons!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day Vanessa!!! That was really nice of Morgan's mom to send that. She has really been great to you!

Meet me in Atlanta on Sunday and I will take you to Santiago, Chile? Deal..... Can't wait to get down there and explore!

Love you,

BonnieRose said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new banner.. wow! how did u do that?? love it!