Thursday, April 02, 2009

Clocks and Classes

A note about the culture of Chile:

All of my literature classes have been cancelled today so that the students and professors may attend the protest that is going on in Valparaiso today. This will be the 5th class cancelled for one of my courses, and we have been in session for 4 weeks. They just push the material for that day back to the next class period. Apparently, if they push it back too much then it just continues on until you no longer have a break. Craziness.

Just another little side note: There are no clocks in our house. There is one alarm clock in my mom's room but she never uses it. There is, however a church right outside of our apartment that rings every hour on the hour. This is honestly how my host family figures out the time. It is no wonder that they don't leave the house until the time they are supposed to be there because if they are supposed to be somewhere at 2, they wait till they hear 2 bells and then they leave. How fascinating.

Sometimes I get frustrated with how late people are here, or how they walk so slowly, not understanding that you have to be somewhere. But since thinking about it, I have realized that we are slaves to the clock in the U.S. My lifestyle there is something that can be written down on a calendar, knowing ahead of time where I will be at every moment. I realized that this place gives you more time to create your life, maybe it is just my life here compared to my life in the U.S but I suddenly feel liberated from the hands of the clock.

Find some time to liberate yourself today from the ticking of minutes.

Sending Love,


p.s - here is a poem I wrote yesterday


Fruta saborosa mia,
decoras tu cuerpo con armadura
como un soldado en guerra.
Pero que estas luchando?
Para que necesitas este proteccion?

La dulzura de tu mismo
esta escondido a mis ojos
debajo de tu concha dura
porque no abres para mi?

Yo ofrece mi boca lista
y tu como el pewen,
eres dificil a pelar.
Ahora ensucio mis manos
para revelar
el sabor de tu corazon.


Pewen ( a type of fruit)

Flavorful fruit of mine
you decorate your body with armor
like a soldier in war
But what are you fighting?
Why do you need protection?

The sweetness of your self
is hidden from my eyes
underneath your hard shell
why wont you open for me?

I offer my ready mouth
and you, like the fruit
are difficult to peal.
Now i dirty my hands
to reveal
the flavor of your soul.


Anonymous said...

hey girl!! sounds like chile would be the perfect place for me... i'm always late and i walk slowly haha. love the poem!! you're so talented. i'm sending you big hugs today!! xoxo, ashley

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem!! You are truly gifted.
xoxo, Sherry