Friday, April 03, 2009

Brittany Spears

Buenos Dias!

Last night I went out with two of my gringa friends and then a group of Chilean boys and girls that I just met last night. One of the boys I met was very flamboyant with very tight pants and danced in his seat almost the entire night. After people were getting ready to go, he asked if we wanted to go with him to another bar. So, four of us girls walked over to the next bar that just so happened to be a gay bar.

I have never been to a gay bar before, and my oh my was it an experience!! There was a screen behind the bar that played every Brittany Spears song along with the music videos to each. The bar was packed with Chilean men who couldn't understand a word of english yet knew EVERY WORD to EVERY SINGLE SONG that Brittany sang. Not only that, but a lot of them knew the exact choreographed dances to the songs. The boy we went with knew all the dances and loved showing us, haha. He was actually pretty good at them. He also practiced his soprano singing skills with me.

After an hour or two I thought I was exhausted of watching men in tight shirts kiss, I was about to leave when the lights went out and the stage lit up. To my great surprise, there was a drag show on the bar! The first person to get on looked so much like a woman! She wore a tiny little jean jacket and a jean skirt that barely covered anything. The next person wore a long white dress, and danced almost a tango. Truly an experience of a lifetime :)

I don't know much about the Chilean society in terms of homosexuality, one would think that because it is so Catholic it would not be acceptable. I loved being in a place where everyone felt so comfortable being themselves, even if it was a wee bit awkward for me at first. It was cool to see people with the freedom to express themselves.

Celebrating Brittany Spears and awesome gay guys,


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