Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please say he doesn't wear a gold chain, please :)

This afternoon I am sitting in my room, listening to Mason Jennings and packing up for my weekend trip with my Mom and her boyfriend Steve. We are leaving in about an hour to go to Zapallar ( a small beach town a little north from here ). We are staying there just tonight and the day tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to drive into Santiago and spend Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night in Santiago. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and exploring this beautiful country I have been living in.

here are some photos of the beautiful weather and relaxing times we have had at my parents hotel:

Completely unrelated...

Isn't it crazy how you can listen to a song and be completely taken back to a place, a moment? I am always amazed that I could totally forget about a moment from my past but then the second music hits me just right, everything comes surging back .. deeper than a photograph. Today I have been listening to Mason Jennings all day (as I mentioned before) and I listened to a song called "Something about your love" and I was taken back immediately to last summer when I went to visit Ryan. I left four days after getting out of school and we spent about two weeks driving the California coast. We saw a Mason Jennings concert my first night in town and that was the first time he played the song "Something about your love" and Ryan and I were there to witness it! About a week later, his new album came out while Ryan and I were hanging out in San Francisco. I remember walking into this record store and buying two copies of it, one for me and one for Ry. We came back to our hotel, put the CD in Ry's computer and listened to the whole album. For me it was one of the happiest moments ... just reminiscing :)

Something about your lovee... ooooh something about your love
aint no modern love gonna set me free
like the kind of love that you give to me
I'm coming home to be with you
something about your love... oooh something about your love.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Vanessa. I am glad that you are having a great week with mom there.

Have a great weekend!! Take them to the pizza shop up in Las Condes.

Let me know if you guys want to do a bicycle tour while you are in Santiago. It really was amazing and Andres was incredibly knowledgeable about the city and just a great guy.

Love you and miss you. I am glad that mom is there pampering you a bit!!!


Anonymous said...

:) What a nice update. I hope your time with your mom and steve is really fun and you get to explore a lot!!

music is a wonderful gift. im glad you enjoy it just as much as me